Heavy Collision Repair for Auto Accidents, Rebuilt and Salvage Title Projects

Did your car suffer a bad accident? Perhaps you want to buy a salvage or rebuilt title car and get it repaired. Heavy collision repair work is not for amateurs.

When your automobile gets crushed and only heavy collision repair will make it straight again, you need to talk to the best specialist in your area.

Well today you’re in luck. You just came upon the best place to get major collision repair work started.

Get a quote from our expert auto collision repairman. When do so, you can also have them patiently walk you through the details of the work involved. 

Collision Repair

Heavy Collision Repair

Heavy Collision Repair

Damaged or Bent Frame Repair

Vehicle chassis and frame work are major jobs that should be handled by experienced professionals. The professional auto body workman should be able to tell you what’s involved in getting the job done. You should as be made aware of any possible complications, hazards and warnings of such repair work. In some instances, the damage is too severe and the work to repair a vehicles chassis or frame should not be undertaken.

If your car has been involved in a heavy collision, you need to thoroughly review the work order and cost to have it repaired. It may or may not be worth to fix it, but you won’t know until you have a checked out by an expert craftsman. 


Do you buy salvage or rebuilt title cars? Get them checked out before you make the investment to buy the vehicle.
We’ll be glad to give you an estimate for repairs. That way you can compare with other repair shops.

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