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Classic cars and collectible are big business all over the world. Each year, more than 35,000 classic cars are exported from the United States. That’s a lot of cars going overseas, tucked away in their containers until they reach their destination. For many, auto restoration shops help to bring new life to antique automobiles.

In the United States alone, more than a billion dollars’ worth of classic cars were sold at auction in one year’s time. 

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So where do these cars go to find new life? The best, most expensive classic cars end up in the hands of some of the country’s best craftsman. These craftsman, called auto restoration professionals, dream, talk about and intimately know classic car architecture. These are the people you want to talk to about your auto restoration needs.

Complete Tear Down, the Auto Restoration Overhaul

​Automobiles that have been weathered by time and poor storage conditions may require a complete tear down and rebuild.

Complete tear downs involve the removal of the automobiles body, which make then require extensive labor to rebuild walls, doors, roof, hoods, panels and other parts. This is where auto body repair works starts to kick in. 

Once the body has been removed, the frame can be inspected and worked on. Depending on the observations performed by a frame specialist, it may get reinforced or modified based on the customers desires.

Installing Auto Body Parts

Auto restoration without a doubt is a long and laborious process. Master craftsman start putting the auto body, frame and chassis together during the installation part of the job. Installation work can be very time consuming since there’s a lot of part fitting and measurements taking place. Installers may also need to install and remove the same component several times to achieve a perfect fit.

Automobile Prepping and Paint

Preparing the automobile for a paint job is a tedious but very important task. Automobiles that are being prepared for painting need to be specially prepared before paint can be applied to their surface.

Experienced prep workers are an integral part of this process. They normally work in close proximity to the auto painting specialist, giving and getting feedback to ensure a paint job of first-rate quality.

It All Comes Down to Noteworthy Auto Paint Job

​Nothing hits a high note in the auto body repair world like an outstanding paint job. Auto paint needs to look impressive and wow customers. If it doesn’t, none of the work that came before matters. Even if the auto restoration is of good quality workmanship, the paint job needs to be spot-on perfect to delivery a complete, well done job. The auto restoration customer must be absolutely satisfied with the auto painting.

Our satisfaction comes from knowing customers drive away with the best smile our auto restoration services can give.

Bling your Ride, Automobile Decorations and Alterations

​Does your car need some bling? Auto decorations and modifications can really allow you to show your car where ever you go.

Okay, so your car didn’t have an accident which is great. You want to bling your ride up just a bit. We do much more than auto body repair and auto restoration work. We’re also quite good at making fly show cars.

Do you want to decorate the wheels, side panels or add some lights. No problem. We love this kind of work. How about a new sound system, in car T.V.’s or auto camera installations?

This is where our creativity, design experience and workmanship really shine.

Did I mention our prices can’t be beat?

Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.


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