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Our shop offers free auto repair quotes. We hope to be of service to you by doing three things. 1. Beat our competitors prices ; 2. Save you money 3. Earn your business with our service

Auto Repair Mechanic Servicing South Florida

Our repair facilities are capable of servicing domestic and foreign automobiles. We specialize in prompt and professional service to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Call or visit us anytime you have a question or concern about your car.

We can give you a consultation right over the phone so you don't have to waste your time physically going to different repair shops - just to talk to someone about your problem.

We're here to help. Our hope is that once you do business with us and we earn your trust, you find us to be your auto repair shop for life.   

auto repair parts

You Have Part Options
Factory - Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)
After-Market Parts Manufacture

When it comes to parts, we have a wide selection of quality parts to choose from. In many instances, after market parts are the preferred choice for durability at the lowest prices. However, factory parts produced by original equipment manufactures may be the indicated choice preferred by auto repair professionals for certain auto repair jobs.

This is why we consult with you on the parts that go into your car. We want you to have choices for auto repair parts.

After all, its your car and we want to make sure you feel good about it.  

engine oil change shop

Oil Change Service

Oil changes are not only necessary for regular maintenance, but using a good brand of oil can even help your car get better mileage. We provide you with the best options for full synthetic, synthetic blends, & high performance motor oil, and we can also take care of issues such as oil leaks.

brake replacement and repair

Brake Service and Repair

Automobile brakes are an essential component of your vehicles system. Besides effecting your car’s performance, brakes can also possess safety concerns. Making sure that your brakes are in working order is a crucial for the safety of your vehicle. Since your brakes can go through a lot of wear and tear over the years, it’s important to have them look at by a professional the minute you notice any squeaking, creaking, or grinding.

wheel and rim alignment

Wheel Alignment Service

Regular alignment of your wheels can help your tires wear evenly, and provides you with an easier drive. A misaligned vehicle can lead to full on tire damage, putting you and your passengers at risk for serious injury. We handle all wheel alignments, and we also check your tires, steering, and suspension.

shock and struts replacements

Shocks and Struts Replacement and Inspections

If your driving experience has been less than comfortable due to worn out shocks or struts, it’s time to put an end to your days of being bounced around by your car. We can provide complete shock and strut replacements in order to get you safely and comfortably back on the road.

auto air conditioner service and repair

Automobile A/C (air conditioning)

Don’t suffer through summer with a broken air conditioner! Let our friendly and professional team take care of all of your A/C needs. We’re equipped to handle any A/C service you need including issues with belts, hoses, or compressors, or quick fixes such as recharging or a simple filter change. We fix air conditioning systems using quality parts. If your car isn't pumping out fresh cold air, bring it to us for an inspection. Our a/c equipment is especially designed to find and diagnose cooling problems in your automobile. 

ac compressor service and replacement

Power Steering Inspection, Repair and Service

As part of our electrical system repair services, we offer full service power steering diagnosis, replacement, and repair. If your power steering is out, you’ll know it because your car will become nearly impossible to steer and turn. Turn to us for all of your power steering needs.

Starter Problems, Diagnoses and Repairs

If your car is having issues with its starter, you may notice your headlights starting to dim or you may even hear a more obvious growling sound or smell burning rubber. In more serious cases, you may experience a dead battery or see your car’s battery light or “GEN” light on the dashboard. No matter the issue, we offer the repairs or replacement you need to get the job done right.

engine repair and overhaul

Steering and Suspension

Unless you’re driving an ATV, you expect your ride to be smooth. If your steering and suspension has gone on the fritz, we can help. Whether your vehicle has been bouncing or bumping around, making noise when driving over bumps, giving you problems when trying to turn, or wearing unevenly on your tires, we will make sure your car gets the care it needs.

engine tune-up service and repair

Engine Work from Maintenance to Complete Rebuild

Your engine is the driving force behind your vehicle – take good care of your engine, and your engine will take good care of you by keeping your car on the road for many years to come. We offer a full range of engine services including fuel system cleaning, filter replacements, spark plug changes, engine overhauls and so much more.

car tune-up services

Automobile Tune-ups

Regular tune-ups help keep your car in great shape by restoring power and efficiency to the engine. Whether you’re due for a tune up, or your engine is starting to chug along, we offer a variety of tune-up service including spark plug replacements, fuel filter replacements, fuel injection cleaning, and so much more.

auto oil change and filter

Factory Scheduled Automobile Maintenance

When it’s time for your car to hit a milestone, we can provide all of the factory scheduled maintenance your car needs to stay in tip top shape. Our certified technicians have all of the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to ensure your car gets the important maintenance it needs to stay reliable and safe.

auto exhaust system and muffler repair

Muffler Service and Repair

Issues with your muffler should never be taken lightly. A damaged muffler can not only be bad for your mileage, but they can be extremely hazardous to your health. If you notice any loud noises coming from your muffler, or you notice that your fuel economy has taken a recent dip, you need to have your muffler checked. A bad muffler can allow toxic fumes to leak into your cabin, creating a dangerous and even possibly fatal hazard for you and your passengers.

Exhaust System Inspection, Service and Repair

You may not notice that there’s a problem with your exhaust system until your vehicle fails an emissions test or worse – you start getting dizzy while driving because of the fumes. No matter the issue, we provide a full range of exhaust system repair and replacement options that ensure your engine runs smoothly and your air stays

transmission service and repair

Transmission Service and Repair

We can handle all types of automatic and manual transmission problems for both foreign and domestic vehicles including issues with overheating or transmission fluid issues. Replacing your transmission fluid may be an easy fix that can save you money. We can also provide full service transmission rebuilding, if necessary.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

Transmission fluid needs to be replaced on a regularly scheduled basis according to the manufactures guidelines. When transmission fluid gets dirty or contaminated, it starts to effect performance and then eventually lead to expensive, and oftentimes avoidable repairs. So the next time you get an oil change, don't forget to ask about the transmission fluid change as well. 

auto overheating service and repair

Coolant System Check and Repair

Whether you’re experiencing problems with your radiator, thermostat, or your water pump, an issue with your coolant system can stop your vehicle dead in its track. We can provide you with coolant replacements, gasket, hose, & sealant repair or replacement, as well as a full list of radiator services.

Radiator Flushes, Inspection and Repair

auto radiator repair and service

Your radiator is what keeps your engine cool and running properly, and so if you’re having problems with your radiator, you need to have them diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid further costly damage to your vehicle. We offer radiator flushes and repairs, as well as fluid additions and replacements.

auto electrical service and repair

Computer Diagnostics for Automobile

If your car has been giving you trouble, or you see a light come on in your dashboard, we can provide all of the latest computer diagnostics you need to get your car back on track. Our technicians have the skills and the expertise to diagnose the problem and determine the best solution for your unique needs.

Automobile Electrical System Service and Repair

Whether your power steering, power locks, power windows, or power antennae has gone out, you start experiencing trouble with your alternator or starter, or you have a more simple issue such as a light replacement, no matter your electrical system needs, we’ve got you covered.

water pump and timing belt service

Water Pump Service and Replacement

As part of our coolant system repair, we are able to diagnose and repair any and all issues related to your water pump. If your water pump malfunctions, your engine is in danger of overheating which can cause costly, irreversible damage to your engine. Let us fix it right and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Timing Belt Service and Replacement

Timing belts can become damaged over time due to normal wear and tear. Since timing belt damage is not as obvious to the naked eye as other issues, it’s best to have your timing belt replaced during your manufacturer’s suggest maintenance interval.

Get a free quote.

Our shop offers free auto repair quotes. We hope to be of service to you by doing three things. 1. Beat our competitors prices ; 2. Save you money 3. Earn your business with our service