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Who do you go to when you need auto body repair services?

It can be tough, stress causing time when your car gets damaged? On top of all the expenses of maintaining a vehicle, who needs another bill?

Accidents Happen

Statistically speaking, accidents can happen to anyone. And when they do occur, it's good to know a professional auto body repair facility that can take care of your car, while understanding it's not an expense you hope to have.

What You Should Know About Auto Body Repair Facilities

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As you can imagine, not all auto body repair facilities are the same. Some excel at high quality workmanship, giving every attention to the smallest details. These repair shops typically use the best practices and are up to date on the latest industry standards. Other automotive repair shops seem to get by on yesterday’s knowledge, the old ways of doing things.

High-Tech Comes to the Auto Body Repair Industry

The auto body repair industry is really a high-tech environment that constantly evolves. For instance, some automobile manufacturers are starting to use sophisticated materials which can affect the repairs performed on these automobiles. This is important because you need to know that your auto body repair shop knows how to work with new guidelines published by auto manufactures.

Vehicle Weight Affects Repairs

The automobile sector has seen its share of rigorous regulations from governments in North America and Europe with the goals of reaching higher fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. This has led many automobiles manufactures to add a greater portion of lightweight materials such as plastic composites, aluminum and advanced high strength steel that contribute to significant weight savings compared to other, more traditional building materials.

Fuel Savings, Weight Changes Auto Body Repair

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While the use of advanced manufacturing materials is welcomed news for fuel savings and the environment, it does come at cost.

The cost of building automobiles with these advanced composite materials (including aluminum) increases cost at the manufacturing level which is then absorb by the consumer.

More lighter weight automobiles have emerged into the market over the past several years and this means your auto body repair facility needs to be equipped and trained to use the latest repair tools and techniques.

Fortunately, the auto body repair industry as embraced the challenge to adapt the skills needed to fix advance materials and metals other than steel. Tool and equipment manufactures specific to the auto body repair field are designing new and innovative ways to help shops comply with automobile manufacture recommended repair specifications and guidelines. 

Consumers that use auto body repair shops that adapt skills and tools needed for these new technologies gain the satisfaction of knowing the repair shop cares enough to do the right thing.

Besides, having a well repaired automobile, on time, when combined with saving money, its always a good thing.

Auto Body Repair, Using Aftermarket Parts

Many auto body repair shops use aftermarket body parts because they are cheaper than the original equipment manufacture parts.

Indeed, aftermarket body parts are mostly less expensive however, some repair shops are finding that the savings are getting chewed up by hours of extra tactical work, trial fitting where the parts are installed then removed, and modified until finishing the work. This is mostly due to aftermarket parts that have close measurements compared to the original parts but not exact. The parts may be off measurement by only a fraction of an inch, but it makes a huge difference in the installation of the parts, then later while you drive your automobile.

No one likes to experience even the slightest vibration or having a car that looks lopsided after an auto body repair job, yet this is the kind of stuff you need to be aware of.

So, ask your auto body repair shop about the types of parts, they use to make repairs on your vehicle.

Does the repair shop use new, original parts or aftermarket parts and why?

A good auto body repair shop would typically use both original and aftermarket parts, depending on the automobile being worked on and the experience of the repairman. 

Auto Body Repair TIP

Do aftermarket parts make the fit?

A lot of aftermarket parts are of nice quality and have a perfect fit. An experienced auto body professional should be able to recommend the right part for your car and explain the advantages and disadvantages.

For example, you might be okay with an auto body part that does not look perfect to a trained eye after installation but decide to go that route because it saves you time. Besides its an older model care and its not worth adding extras to have it looking its best.

On the other side, you may only want original equipment manufacture parts for your new or high-end automobile.

The good news is that the final choice is yours. You can decide the kind of parts used on your repair, the repairmen just has to put it together.

Additionally, be aware that quality restoration and repairs take time, so don’t expect a rushed job if you are looking for quality. 

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