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auto electrical repair and service

Electrical automobile systems. Today's car electronics require specialized computer diagnostic tools that can quickly identify faults saving you time and money. Our facility can troubleshoot and fix electrical car issues, without costing you a small fortune.   

service for brakes, rotors and more

Brakes - the pads and disc that you can see attached to vehicle tires are one of several components that make up the braking system. We repair, replace and service all such systems. 

auto ac service and repair

A/C systems have many parts that work together to provide you with cold, fresh air. Our technicians are skilled at fixing common air conditioning issues. 

wheel and rim alignment service

Wheel alignment reduces tire wear and improves performance by ensuring the vehicle drives straight without pulling to one side or the other. This is a standard automobile maintenance procedure that should be performed according to manufacture recommendations. 

water pump and timing belt service

Water pumps and timing belts are an important replacement item, however it seems like a lot of people don't bother to replace these parts until something bad happens. A broken water pump can cause a car to overheat and in-turn damage an otherwise good engine. And a broken or damaged timing belt can cause internal engine destruction. Both these scenarios are avoidable. Check manufacture suggested intervals for replacement or give us a call.  

Battery issues can be caused by a faulty alternator. Under normal operations, an automobiles battery would be maintained by a properly functioning charging system. And alternator is a major part of this system. Our repair shop facility fixes auto charging system failures, their components and wiring. 

car tune-up service

A complete tune-up helps your car performance by replacing wear parts before they go bad or begin to become progressively worse. Our tune up service can include replacing fuel, air and oil filters, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotors where applicable. 

oil change and gauge service

Changing your oil frequently is a good idea. It helps keep your car running lean, burning less fuel, lubricating internal engine components and can even give you more economical mileage. An while you're getting your oil changed, don't forget about the spark plugs. They should also be replaced at the recommended interval. 

car engine maintenance and overhaul

Engine maintenance covers things like replacing drive belts, engine mounts, radiator and power-steering fluid flushes and more. Routine engine maintenance and their timings for service can be found in your vehicle's manufacture manuals, guides and published updates. In our shop, we are equip to service your automobile engine needs.

Our Specialist Services:


Power Steering

Starter and Charging System


Oil Leaks

Water Pumps

Power-Train Control Module (PCM)

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Transmission Control Unit (TCU)



Engine Overhaul

Head Gasket

Auto Repair Mechanic Servicing South Florida

Our repair facilities are capable of servicing domestic and foreign automobiles. We specialize in prompt and professional service to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Call or visit us anytime you have a question or concern about your car.

We can give you a consultation right over the phone so you don't have to waste your time physically going to different repair shops - just to talk to someone about your problem.

We're here to help. Our hope is that once you do business with us and we earn your trust, you find us to be your auto repair shop for life.   

auto repair parts

You Have Part Options
Factory - Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)
After-Market Parts Manufacture

When it comes to parts, we have a wide selection of quality parts to choose from. In many instances, after market parts are the preferred choice for durability at the lowest prices. However, factory parts produced by original equipment manufactures may be the indicated choice preferred by auto repair professionals for certain auto repair jobs.

This is why we consult with you on the parts that go into your car. We want you to have choices for auto repair parts.

After all, its your car and we want to make sure you feel good about it.